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College has its own biggest Fire & Safety Lab with B.A. Set, Fire Sute, CO2 Type Cylinder, ABC type Cylinder, DCP Type Cylinder, Hose Real with Drum (Complete Set), Ear Muff, Dust Respirator (Mask). Extension Ladder- 35 Feet, Structure Folding Type, Hose Pipe with Coupling, Fire Exiting Chemical Foam, Hydrant Post, Water Connection with Paint & Value, Foam Monitor with Post Stand with Pick Tube with Base & Water Connection, Fire Bucket Stand, Branch Pipe, Hydrant Valve, Smoke Detector with Battery, Safety Belt with Full Body, Safety Belt with Half Body/full body, Ear Plug, Eye Wash Cum Shower with Ball Valve. Fire Fighting Demonstration Tray Complete Painted, Fire Distinguished Soda-Acid, Sprinkler System with Male & Outlet, Fire Alarm Manual Call Box, Hand Control Branch, Fire Hose Pipe, Dividing Breaching, Valve Bank Cap, Lugs Set, DCP Powder, Branch Fog Nozzle, Collecting Breaching, Dividing Breaching. Hand Control Breaching, New Aluminum Ladder Length - 25 Feet Chemically Splash Nozzles, Turfan Glass Heat Proof Goggles, Suction Hose 100MM Complete with GM Coupling Banded, Metal Strainer ,Basket Strainer, Male/Female Coupling, Executive Safety Helmet Red Color /Green Color etc.

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